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100th Anniversary of Or Lady of Fatima

On Saturday, October 14th we joined 20,000 other groups with a Public Square Rosary to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Apparitions of our Lady of Fatima at St. Catherine of Siena Parish. 

Touched by Mary

The Biblical Walk with Mary was a great success.  We were blessed with 45 participants.  As a follow-up, the rosary will follow Adoration on Thursday nights during lent.  Please join us for the rosary at 7 PM.  Any questions, please call Judy Lloyd at 783-8619.

Eucharistic Adoration

St. Catherine of Siena will offer Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament for the Lenten season beginning in March. To ensure the safety of the Eucharist and provide this opportunity to all, volunteers are needed to safeguard the Blessed Sacrament. Please consider signing up for at least a Half an hour of adoration during Lent. Contact Jackie Enriques at 530-6805 to schedule time. 

Enrich Your Thanksgiving Dinner With Sacred Scripture

No matter what you serve at your Thanksgiving dinner consider setting aside a few moments to share a reading from Sacred Scripture at the table and reflect on it as a family - perhaps both before the meal is served and after the main course has been served and everyone is enjoying coffee. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Psalm 31: 20-21
How great is your goodness, Lord, stored up for those who fear you. You display it for those who trust you, in the sight of the children of Adam. You hide them in the shelter of your presence, safe from scheming enemies. You conceal them in your tent, away from the strife of tongues.

Psalm 95
Come, let us sing joyfully to the LORD; cry out to the rock of our salvation. Let us come before him with a song of praise, joyfully sing out our psalms. For the LORD is the great God, the great king over all gods, Whose hand holds the depths of the earth; who owns the tops of the mountains. The sea and dry land belong to God, who made them, formed them by hand. Enter, let us bow down in worship; let us kneel before the LORD who made us. For he is our God, we are the people he shepherds, the sheep in his hands. Oh, that today you would hear his voice: Do not harden your hearts as at Meribah, as on the day of Massah in the desert. There your ancestors tested me; they tried me though they had seen my works. Forty years I loathed that generation; I said: “This people’s heart goes astray; they do not know my ways.” Therefore I swore in my anger: “They shall never enter my rest.”

Psalm 100
Shout joyfully to the LORD, all you lands; serve the LORD with gladness; come before him with joyful song. Know that the LORD is God, he made us, we belong to him, we are his people, the flock he shepherds. Enter his gates with thanksgiving, his courts with praise. Give thanks to him, bless his name; good indeed is the LORD, His mercy endures forever, his faithfulness lasts through every generation.

Psalm 107: 1,19-20
Give thanks to the LORD for he is good, his mercy endures forever! Let them thank the LORD for his mercy, such wondrous deeds for the children of Adam. For he satisfied the thirsty, filled the hungry with good things.

1 Chronicles 16:28-30,34
Give to the LORD, you families of nations, give to the LORD glory and might; Give to the LORD the glory due his name! Bring gifts, and come before him; bow down to the LORD, splendid in holiness. Tremble before him, all the earth; the world will surely stand fast, never to be moved. Give thanks to the LORD, who is good, whose love endures forever.

1 Chronicles 29:11-13

Yours, LORD, are greatness and might, majesty, victory, and splendor. For all in heaven and on earth is yours; yours, LORD, is kingship; you are exalted as head over all. Riches and glory are from you, and you have dominion over all. In your hand are power and might; it is yours to give greatness and strength to all. Therefore, our God, we give you thanks and we praise the majesty of your name.

Unashamed of the Gospel

Author: Unknown


The die has been cast. I have stepped over the line. The decision has been made. 

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. 

I won't look back, let up, slow down, back away, or be still. 

My past is redeemed, my present makes sense, and my future is secure.

I am finished and done with low living, sight walking, small planning, smooth knees, colorless dreams, chintzy giving, and dwarfed goals.

I no longer need pre-eminence, prosperity, position, promotions, plaudits, or popularity. 

I now live by presence, lean by faith, love by patience, lift by prayer, and labor by power. 

My pace is set, my gait is fast, my goal is Heaven, my road is narrow, my way is rough, my companions few, my Guide reliable, my mission clear. 

I cannot be bought, compromised, deterred, lured away, turned back, diluted, or delayed.

I will not flinch in the face of sacrifice, hesitate in the presence of adversity, negotiate at the table of the enemy, ponder at the pool of popularity, or meander in the maze of mediocrity.

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. 

I must go until Heaven returns, give until I drop, preach until all know, and work until He comes. And when He comes to get His own, He will have no problem recognizing me.

My colors will be clear.

I am not ashamed of the gospel

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